A spectrum of possibilities for healthcare

PRISM is developing the next generation of rapid medical testing devices.

  • Devices which provide immediate and accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis performed on urine, blood, saliva or stool samples.
  • Including devices with proven ability to perform rapid tests for levels of Covid-19 immunity from urine.
  • Devices which are compact, modular, portable, self-calibrating, easy-to-use and affordable.
  • Devices which are perfectly suited to doctors’ and field clinics, patients’ home, and tele-medicine, and together with secure data management protocols, provide solutions which are set to disrupt the existing medical rapid testing environment.

This is digital healthcare’s moment – PRISM is a revolutionary solution to make the physician’s job easier and enable patient engagement in medical screening and preventive care.

PRISM PROTOCOL SAS is a French company headquartered in the Technopôle IZARBEL in Bidart, Basque country.